Socialist Website Criticizes Walmart Over “Starvation Wages” – But Walmart Often Pays More Than They Do

Socialist propaganda website Jacobin was the subject of a hilarious community note on X when posting an article about Walmart’s first-quarter profits.

The site posted the article, titled “Walmart Is Still Putting Ebenezer Scrooge to Shame”, on Monday, May 20. It described the retailer as “infamous for its starvation wages”.

“The surge is a result of its strategic shift toward catering to affluent shoppers while its full-time workers continue to rely on Medicaid and food stamps,” the post added.

However, social media users were quick to point out the low rates of pay for Jacobin’s writers, who are only paid $0.07 per word.

This pay rate – for which writers are asked to complete at least 1,800 words – is at lower end of the pay scale for inexperienced, beginner writers. Alas, a worker at Walmart, who can enjoy additional company benefits, outearns the average writer in the Jacobin sweatshop when you account for the amount of research and editing it takes to complete a 1,800 word article.

Given the absurdity of the article, others questioned whether Jacobin’s pay rate is actually too generous!

Jacobin claims to be a “leading voice of the American left, offering socialist perspectives on politics, economics, and culture”. Its low payrate, at the very least, suggests it practices what it preaches.

4 thoughts on “Socialist Website Criticizes Walmart Over “Starvation Wages” – But Walmart Often Pays More Than They Do”

  1. I work at Walmart. I’m disabled and was desperate for work to make ends meet. They hired me quickly and work with me on my medical limitations. Do I make a lot? Nope. If I make much more I’d lose benefits and I’m not healthy enough to manage it. It’s my choice to work there and I am so glad someone large enough to make a difference is fighting inflation. Is that why the left really hate the company? They keep good food available at the best prices. If that bothers you, you are evil.

  2. All this and our schools are being hit just as hard. Wages are being cut; personnel cuts; increase in medical benefits cost to employees and so much more. Rent going up and wages going down or being ‘frozen’ along with a hiring freeze. A single Mom living alone cannot even pay rent let alone utilities. And, still qualify for food stamps? How does this work in this country of 3 million immigrants getting free rent, free meals, free medical? I think this administration is biased and even ‘racist’ against white people?

    1. Gary Anderson Martin

      Sen. Chuck Schumer Demands Immediate Amnesty for All Illegals. And that’s why you will never get Social Security

  3. Bird of Paradise

    Leftist bottom feeders want everyone working without pay and waiting in long lines for bread

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