Media Machines and Woke Extremism Bias: Navigating Information in the Age of Tyranny by the Minority

Woke extremist ideology makes the blood of many boil.

All too often there are news stories out of the mainstream media of the latest woke measure at a school in Michigan, a retailer in New Jersey, or a movie studio in Orlando. All receive proper criticism but the woke ideology seems to always achieve its goal: publicity.

When six corporations control 90% of the media in America, it’s hard for dissenting voices to be heard. Logic and reason simply doesn’t get bought from the mainstream media; woke extremism, however, flies off the proverbial shelves. A common misconception is that media outlets promote what they want you to know. In reality, the mainstream media promotes stories which it believes will “sell”, even if they do not agree with the content. If readers or viewers are engaging with a story through appraise or outrage, then it’s a success.

Publicity Rules

This suits the desperation of woke extremists to constantly remain relevant. They are dedicated adherents to the concept of “no such thing as bad publicity”; quite simply, they do not care what the response to their extremism is, they just want it to be the center of attention.

Of course, the responses vary from tentative praise to fierce criticism. However, when woke ideologies continually make headlines, journalists and broadcasters often spend more time focusing on attacking woke issues rather than promoting the interests of the vast majority of people.

The very nature of news media is partly responsible for this. In part because of the word “news” itself – if the same old things are happening, it cannot be considered “news.” Hence, woke extremists – so desperate to change anything and everything wherever it is possible – regularly feature within the mainstream media.

That is a very basic explanation, and popular issues stretch far beyond maintaining America as we know – or knew – it. Sadly, many voices are only called upon only to rebuff woke ideologies, leaving them little time to devote to issues which many are interested in.

Alternative Media

Fortunately, technological advancements now mean it’s easier than ever before for all viewpoints to be shared on a mass scale. Events since the turn of the decade have promoted a greater interest in popular ideas such as personal responsibility, objective reality, logic, and reason that offer an alternative to those who want to keep up to date on the news which interests them.

Two recent success stories suggest there is growing demand for current news reporting. In the United Kingdom, the launch of GB News in 2021 has offered an alternative to the centrist broadcast media landscape. Likewise, following his dismissal from Fox News and CNN, Tucker Carlson and Don Lemon have launched their own media companies, one doing traditional news and the other becoming the first western journalist to interview Russian President Vladimir Putin since his country’s invasion of Ukraine two years ago.

Perhaps the secret to success for new media is content over policy. Carlson was Fox’s top broadcaster until his dismissal, and his compelling interviews have scored over hundreds of millions of views on the social media platform X (formerly Twitter). GB News has drafted in politicians such as Brexit advocate Nigel Farage and former Prime Minister Boris Johnson to speak on important topics. Don Lemon has also pursued content that he now gets to curate himself instead of being beholden to a network’s agenda.

Ironically, the woke attack weapon of cancel culture is also it’s Achilles heal. Woke activists long to cancel anyone who attacks their ideology, and most broadcasters are no exception. The publicity from its own antics has turned people away from their ideology and had them return their focus on the foundations of their own existence, thus bringing popular viewpoints back into the spotlight. And that is some good news.

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