Former Biden Press Sec Jen Psaki Ridiculed For Claiming She’s A Journalist

Former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was met with ridicule at her own book launch when claiming she was a journalist.

Psaki, who served as Biden’s spokesperson until May 2022, is currently promoting her new book titled “Say More.” It’s a launch which has seen a disastrous start after after she was forced to remove some information due to inaccuracies.

Since her departure from Biden administration, Psaki has fronted MSNBC coverage on Sunday mornings and Monday evenings, much to the dismay of her colleagues.

However, it appears not everyone is taking her new career seriously when questioned by Kara Swisher.

“You switched to journalism essentially. You think you’re a journalist?” asked Swisher.

“Yes,” replied Psaki, prompting laughter from the attending audience.

Social media users were quick to point out her connection to the Biden administration.

Others, meanwhile, were skeptical over her newfound passion.

Is Jen Psaki really a journalist? Or is she merely looking to stay in the spotlight? Let us know in the comments below.

5 thoughts on “Former Biden Press Sec Jen Psaki Ridiculed For Claiming She’s A Journalist”

  1. Since I consider “journalist” to be probably the slimiest profession on earth, filled with creatures with zero honesty, integrity, or personal pride, and even lower than politician and lawyer/judge, I would agree that Jen is a journalist. Near the bottom of the pile however.

  2. “Squealer,” from the book ‘Animal Farm’, was also a journalist. Joseph Goebbels was a journalist as well….true story.

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