Kennedy Family Snubs RFK Jr.

Thanksgiving dinner at the Kennedy Compound might be a little more contentious than usual this year.

Last week, 15 members of the storied Kennedy family publicly endorsed Joe Biden for President, snubbing their relation, independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. While there’s speculation as to what prompted them to come forward, common sense suggests that they fear RFK Jr. is going to siphon off a larger share of the vote from Biden than Donald Trump.

Most notable in the group was Kerry Kennedy, Robert’s sister. Oddly enough, she never mentioned her brother in her speech, instead targeting her attack at Donald Trump.

The announcement didn’t seem to move the needle much, however.

This comes as no real surprise to those who are paying attention. Instead, it just confirms that establishment Democrats are terrified of Kennedy, Jr taking votes away from Joe Biden in what is expected to be a very close presidential election.

Kennedy, Jr, an environmental attorney by trade, is quite liberal in many of his beliefs. He veered from the Democrat playbook in 2020, however, when he dared to raise questions about the COVID-19 vaccine.

Although it’s a long shot, just imagine the crow his family will have to eat should Kennedy, Jr pull off a victory in November. Walking into Thanksgiving dinner could look something like this…

3 thoughts on “Kennedy Family Snubs RFK Jr.”

  1. It’s so shameful that Bobby’s kin are not supporting him but they will support the most corrupt pathological lying moron to ever be in politics. SHAMEFUL

  2. From great grandpa on down they are a sick, diseased family. Inbred liars and opportunists that only skill is begging. If they had any morals they would feel shame…. Not going to happen.

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