Dylan Mulvaney Confuses Rhinos With RINOs In Video To Congressional Candidate

Transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney suffered an amusing blunder when praising climate campaigner and “Republican” House of Representatives candidate Julie Fedorchak for “going to the D.C. Zoo and to work with RINOs”.

The video – paid for by her Republican rival in the race, Rick Becker, was posted on Cameo, where celebrities earn money for sending pre-written video messages upon request.

Fedorchak has received criticism for her repeated emphasis on green energy proposals in North Dakota, thus impacting the coal industry which provides 55% of the state’s energy supply.

Reaction to Becker’s video was mostly positive, with many seeing the fun in the light-hearted clip.

“What’s not a laughing matter is how time and again Julie Fedorchak placed radical green energy proposals above the coal industry here in North Dakota,” Becker added.

If Mulvaney has the same effect on Fodorchak’s candidacy as he did on Bud Light, the best is yet to come for Becker.

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