Fact Checkers Assemble to Assure American Public Biden Didn’t Poop His Pants

Oh lord. Being a writer for WokeSpy can make a person spiral into confusion. Are we writing about something real, about a parody, or about a parody of a parody?

It’s 2024, which means we have to ask if the president of the United States pooped his pants or not. As much as it irritates the woke media, it is (sadly) a legitimate question.

On the 80th anniversary of D-Day, the massive Allied invasion of Normandy during WWII, President Joe Biden joined other leaders to pay tribute to the soldiers who fought and died.

Unfortunately, Biden’s advanced age and difficulty was quite evident during the ceremony. When it came time to sit down on the stage, the president bent forward and appeared to be half-squatting for several seconds. He gave the appearance of not knowing where he was, and not knowing whether he was supposed to sit.

Roseanne Barr joined Benny Johnson’s podcast and she appears to be sold on the idea.

We at WokeSpy haven’t jumped on the “he pooped his pants” bandwagon that started immediately on the right. It’s much more likely that he was confused about where his chair might be. But fair is fair: you can make an argument that he might have. Sad as it may be, Biden’s obvious age-related difficulties are apparent to any observer.

The Daily Beast is big mad about it, and they blame all the joking and speculating on “MAGA trolls.”

“This video shows Biden did not—in fact—poop himself in France.” Oh, dear.

Some games are better sat out; this one is not going well for The Daily Beast on X. There are several humor accounts that reliably pop up with salty commentary on the politics of the day, and two of our favorites didn’t let us down. 

This user echoed Roseanne Barr’s joke linked above.

User “WokeGPT” ramped it up.

“AdamInHTownTX” inconveniently drew attention to First Lady Jill Biden’s needing to whisper instructions to the president before guiding him off the stage.

Grimly, we do have a president in obvious age-related decline, and lefties might worry a bit more about the fact that the rest of the world is laughing at us instead of trying to humor-police fed-up Americans.

15 thoughts on “Fact Checkers Assemble to Assure American Public Biden Didn’t Poop His Pants”

  1. Arnel Pournsmack

    There’s no angle to look at this from that is good for Biden’s strange and inexplicable behavior.

    1. Anyone who raised children knows he crapped his pants. Say what you want but the look on Jill’s face says he crapped his pamts

      1. Plus, she wrangled him out of there quickly, and a woman with a backpack (diaper bag?) took off running to catch up.

  2. Did Joey Bribes soil himself at the at the 80th anniversary of D-Day tribute? What do we know is that Joey made odd squatting movements. The Veterans located behind him appeared to have a shocked look on their face. Taco Jill covered her mouth and may have said something to Bribes. Joey Bribes and Taco Jill then abruptly left the event leaving French President Macron to walked over to shake hands with the Veterans. BTW, where have all the fact-checkers been? What else can we assume? It looks as though Uncle Bosie was fully committed to ending world hunger.

  3. This is getting to the point that the United States looks so ridiculous. This man is not competent to run for the next four years as president of the United States. most Americans see this even the ones that are fully blown DieHard Democrats they know
    So what are we really doing here we want to put his opponent in jail and let him go right into the White House anyway and run it even though he can’t even walk
    By now most Americans realized he is not really running this country so who are we voting for

  4. Walter Luffman

    Just look at Jill’s face! She was standing right beside him, close enough to smell *something*. Are the taxpayers footing the bill to buy Depends for the White House?

  5. Is it possible he was sitting down and was unsure on if it was time to sit yet? Yes. Is it possible that he crapped himself? Also, yes. Either way, it makes him look unpresidential. There isnt an answer to this question that doesnt make him look unfit

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