The Biden Economy Is Creating Zero Jobs for Native Born Americans

A graph detailing the difference in job creation between natural-born U.S. citizens and immigrants (both legal and illegal) prompted widespread debate over the weekend.

The X account @zerohedge shared an infographic on Friday, June 7 breaking down U.S. job creating by immigration status, showing that “most job creation in the past year” had gone to illegal aliens, which have poured over the border at a record pace during the Biden presidency.

An interesting aspect of the graph is how the two statistics compared under Joe Biden’s Presidency and that of Donald Trump’s. While relative job creation between the native vs. foreign born groups was largely similar under the previous administration, the disparity exploded once Biden took office in January 2021. As such, due to how lopsided the Biden so-called economic recovery has been, it’s now the case that since July 2018, there have been zero jobs created for native born Americans.

While the graph in question compared natural-born citizens with legal immigrants, rather than just illegal aliens, it did nevertheless raise questions as to why American citizens were seeing less job creation opportunities than those arriving from overseas.

The President has long supported a Woke approach to immigration, with one of his first actions being to replace the term “alien” with “noncitizen” – and dismantle the Trump immigration agenda via executive order.

Since assuming office, Biden has come under consistent criticism for his handling of the border crisis. He initially refused to continue construction of the border wall, and has taken a more open doors approach to immigration, but has since tried to make it look like he’s reneging on these policies with an upcoming presidential election looming.  

That said, it’s hard to argue that the damage hasn’t already been done. Americans, particularly in border states, are outraged over the current immigration crisis, and many can see through the President’s last ditch efforts to appear tough on immigration ahead of his electoral showdown in November.

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