Toronto Police Superintendent Apologizes For Cheating Scandal in DEI Disaster

Toronto’s first black female police superintendent has suffered a DEI disaster having been forced to apologize for helping Black officers cheat on their promotional exam.

Appearing before a Toronto Police tribunal, Supt. Stacy Clarke said she was “deeply, deeply sorry” for the events which led to her disciplinary hearing on Wednesday, May 8. She explained she was “overcome with emotion and frustration” in her decision to provide six candidates with advanced notice of interview questions ahead of their promotional exams.

Clarke also admitted to conducting a mock assessment with a family friend featuring questions used in promotional interviews the previous week, with her lawyer describing his client’s “genuine belief and crushing epiphany” that the six Black candidates would be treated differently.

The Jamaican-born Canadian, who was part of the three-person panel which interviewed candidates in 2021, claimed it was “not the first time” that cheating during a promotional process had occurred.

Prosecutors are seeking a two-rank demotion to Staff Sergeant, while her defense team seeks a one-step demotion with the possibility to reapply for her current role in one year.

Reactions on social media were largely critical of the apparent DEI attempt. Some questioned whether diversity and equality helps to be a good police officer, while others raised concerns for minority officers who had earned their promotions through merit.

What’s your view? Was Supt. Clarke right in her actions? Or has DEI once again gone too far?

5 thoughts on “Toronto Police Superintendent Apologizes For Cheating Scandal in DEI Disaster”

    1. John M Stettner

      Giving people anything based on the color of their skin is racism and bigotry. This all comes as no surprise. Race hustlers have been active for well over 100 years. Conservatives and Republicans have been battling racism for centuries. It is The Left and LIberals who cling to racism as a means to maintain power and income. Liberal schools fail to teach which hurts everyone but disproportionately hurts minorities and the most economicially vulnerable people. Liberal economic policy works the same way. Liberal leaders know this. Liberal rank and file voters are too poorly educated to realize it. Until Liberalism is defeated, nothing will change.

  1. Why cannot we have a one playing field where all are equal? You want the job? Educate and train yourself for it. I did and enjoyed a very fulfilling 30+ year LE career.
    My Wisconsin city had a similar problem hiring police, “extra points to ‘level’ the playing field.” Half of the “leveled” were fired.
    I am sick of this “boost them up” sh*t. NOBODY benefits. Especially the taxpayer.
    And the consumer of LE services.

  2. I’m black. This woman is a disgrace and should be fired immediately . Screw the demotion. “Demote” her butt right off the force!

    1. The lack of ethics and moral values is a curse to all! What a horrible example for those who must trust. They are betrayed daily by the few who assume control.

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