Liberal Claims Show Made in England in the 1960s Wasn’t Made for White People

Dr Who, the popular British sci-fi series first created more than 60 years ago, is the latest television series to go woke.

The series focuses on an extraterrestrial being, resembling a human, who fights nemeses across the universe. The majority of the 14 actors to play the intergalactic timelord have been white males with a female companion, with British actress Jodie Whittaker the first to buck the trend in 2017.

The most recent incarnation, however, features Ncuti Gatwa portraying a homosexual, black Doctor in what critics have labelled “virtue signaling” by Britain’s public broadcaster, the BBC.

The series premiere on Sunday, May 12, saw viewership reach record lows for one of the broadcaster’s flagship television programs. Perhaps the flamboyant dance scene featured in the show’s trailer was to blame.  

Nevertheless, the reaction from Metro columnist Asyia Iftikhar ensured the series stayed in the limelight. In an article originally titled “Sorry straight white men, Doctor Who was never made for you”, Iftikhar claimed that “bigoted straight white men” had spiraled into “meltdown” over the latest casting.

The headline was hastily amended following backlash, while Metro’s X account was deleted. It has since been revived, albeit with minimal branding.

Even those who offered a more favorable view of Gatwa’s character were critical of the article!

Has one of your favorite TV shows been radicalized by woke extremism? Let us know in the comments.

1 thought on “Liberal Claims Show Made in England in the 1960s Wasn’t Made for White People”

  1. John M Stettner

    Another ignorant racist speaks up and exposes their complete lack of decency and civility. Asyia Iftikhar, it is one thing to spout off a bigoted and idiotic opinion. It is quite another thing to prove that opinion is not just your own ignorant belief, but is in fact, a fact. So you would have us believe that Dr Who starring William Hartnell in 1963 with an all caucasian cast was created for an audience of less than 3% of the population (using a very generous statistic from 2011?

    Your racism is incredibly staggering but not very surprising since the tolerance for bigotry from The Left is legendary. You can say anything you want if you’re a Leftist and almost no one fact checks you. So let’s fact check you, sweets: as I said, in 2011, the population of Blacks in the UK was less than 3%. If you include all the alphabet soup gang, UK sports just around 3% of LGB peoples in 2020.

    Given those numbers, does it seem likely that a gay, black Dr Who is representative of the UK population? No, you can’t make that argument. Which begs the question, who is making these casting and story decisions? What is their motive? Is it, possibly, to lend cover to a corrupt and lying micro-segment of the population because the people in that industry are largely of that population or beholden to them? Or maybe, a black, gay Dr Who is a gatuitous and blatant attempt at grooming the child audience to accept this micro-lifestyle as natural and normal.

    Whatever the goal is, does not excuse your virulent racism and bigotry and dishonesty, Asyia Iftikhar. Please crawl back under your rock and leave the intelligent discussions to the adults in the room.

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