How Corporate Wokeness Affects Professionals 

Corporate Wokeness: How It Affects Conservative Professionals 

It’s not unreasonable to suggest that, unless you work in politics, views on how the world should be run should be left outside the office. 

The stress and challenges of corporate work are difficult enough without enforced ideologies dictating company policy. Nevertheless, professionals from all walks of life are often subject to unwanted woke initiatives, which can have ramifications for their lives outside of the workplace. 

Increasingly in the 21st century, there has been a focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion policies with regards to hiring. This can be considered positive discrimination, particularly where corporations promote diversity quotas – a challenge for many corporate professionals looking to climb the ladder. 

Often, the woke agenda extends beyond the closed-doors of the corporation into the public image. The infamous Bud Light-Dylan Mulvaney marketing fiasco is a notable example; when Bud Light’s target audience revolted against the brewer’s ad campaign, sales of Bud Light dropped by as much as 17%. Unfortunately, while this woke marketing scheme meant Americans saw cheaper prices for watery beer, it also cost Bud Light employees their jobs, even though many were not involved in the bizarre decision.  

Advice for Professionals 

Of course, the direction of a company is down to the company itself, so it’s no surprise that professionals may avoid corporations which seek to profit from and radically promote the woke agenda. However, when woke ideas are discussed in a corporate setting, those who use reason should engage in a constructive, meaningful dialogue to seek common ground with their colleagues of extreme persuasions. While disagreements can be uncomfortable at times, they can also help build open and respectful relationships even where there are vastly different perspectives.  

Leading by example through professionalism, as well as choosing one’s battles, can also convince colleagues away from woke extremism. While some views and ideas may seem absurd, it’s important not to submit to the woke ideology of forcing one’s opinions down the throats of others, and ensure colleagues are treated with appropriate respect.  

Perhaps a more tangible solution for corporations and their employees is to avoid unnecessary ideological stances altogether. As much as an employee may feel uncomfortable in a woke corporation, the opposite may also be true. Avoiding unnecessary ideological stances fosters a healthier working environment, where professionals of all viewpoints can collectively work together regarding the direction of the company. 

There are a range of methods corporations can utilize to assist with conflicting points of view. An emphasis on inclusivity for all thought – rather than certain groups – helps to create a culture of respect where no employee feels uncomfortable about their own beliefs.  

Furthermore, corporations should focus on merit-based hiring and advancement. Quotas and positive discrimination should never be prioritized over the qualifications and accomplishments of new and existing employees if friction is to be avoided within the company. 

Ultimately, an inclusive workplace where employees are rewarded for hard work while their views are respected sees benefits to both corporate professionals and corporations. Ideological stances need not apply, and can actually hinder the fostering of an environment where individuals feel valued, respected, and included, regardless of their beliefs or backgrounds. 

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