The Big Picture: Why Speaking Truth to Woke Extremism Matters to Everyone

Woke extremism, like many ideologies, holds subjective premises.

Someone aligned around the center will have a different understanding of socialism, for example, as opposed to a liberal or a Classical Liberal; likewise, what constitutes someone as far right depends upon how far left some one happens to be. Ultimately, like Einstein, it’s all about perspective.

That being said, people from from all walks of life tend to agree on woke extremism’s unwanted, unwarranted, and sometimes outright loony ideas designed to enforce a society where the rights of the individual go only so far as whatever group-box they can be placed within.

It’s an issue which is not one-sided, either. Woke extremism is not a part of the political spectrum, rather it is closer to the manner in which views are forced upon others. There are woke extremists on the left and the right, and both should be sternly rejected.

Wokeism at Work

Disney has made itself into a classic example. Throughout the early 2020s, the children’s entertainment corporation has focused heavily on identity politics, much to the frustration of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (whose state is home to Disney’s largest amusement park in North America).

Listing all the woke extremism at Disney would be an entire article itself. Nevertheless, the 2025 adaptation of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves is a notable example. The removal of the latter part of the title is a prelude for the rest of the film, which features only one dwarf rather than the seven iconic personalities of yore.

It’s easy to see why this has been controversial. The removal of an integral part of an historic classic prompts the question, “why bother bringing the film back at all?” Despite all of its efforts to garner the favor of woke extremists the film has inevitably been deemed discriminatory since it has limited potential income for marginalized dwarf actors.

Jason “Wee Man” Acuña, who has dwarfism, addressed the controversy. “You’re replacing jobs that people could have as little people,” said the Jackass star. “It’s for dwarfs – why [is Disney] hiring ‘Snow White and the seven average people’?”

It’s not just Hollywood which is impacted by wokeism in the workplace. Major corporations are continually introducing politically correct language as part of company policy, forcing uncomfortable conversations about whether “guys” refers to all employees or just men as well as allowing men to share private spaces with women.

Beyond conversations at the water cooler, however, there are legitimate concerns over workplace safety, particularly among female employees. The issue has largely stemmed from gender-neutral toilet policies, where men and women are required to share a restroom as companies try to conform to the woke ideology. Feminists on all sides of the political spectrum have expressed concern while sharing their objections to transitioning males to use the female toilets where separate restrooms remain in place.

The Extremist Mindset

One of the most petulant issues with woke extremism is that it will not cease to attack you wherever you are. In everyday life woke culture seeks to suppress the rights of individuals. As mentioned earlier, this impacts conservatives as much as liberals.

It’s fair to argue that woke extremism is a mindset, as opposed to an ideology, to enforce one’s views upon others irregardless of means or circumstance. By this definition it is understandable how liberals feel they have also been subjected to woke extremism.

Examples can be found everywhere. For insistence, how certain words should not be used in the workplace conservative wokeism is just as ludicrous. In April 2023, Governor of Oklahoma Kevin Stitt vetoed a bill to fund the state’s most-watched public service broadcaster which allegedly sought to “indoctrinate kids” by including lesbian characters in certain TV shows.

“Some of the stuff that they’re showing just overly sexualizes our kids,” said Gov. Stitt, referencing episodes of ‘Clifford the Big Red Dog’ and ‘Work it Out Wombats!’.

The Importance of Respectful Debate

A strong counter measure to any attempt to restrict free speech is through promoting respectful debate and constructive dialogue. After all, differing views are vital to a healthy democracy. Cancelling those that aren’t the same, on the contrary, is a totalitarian measure. 

Respectful debate encourages more people to share their views, thus allowing us to have a deeper understanding of the world around us. If the political auditorium is a cesspit of hate, fewer are likely to become engaged leading to polarization and societal strife. 

Likewise, constructive dialogue can be productive in finding common ground. It allows people of different viewpoints to discuss their differences, but also their similarities thereby humanizing instead of “otherizing.” Along with respectful debate, constructive dialogue helps develop a better understanding of different issues facing society.

Of course, the public image of a corporation can reflect its internal thinking. Multinational giant Unilever is a good example of the workplace war on woke, no matter the political ideology.

For corporations it’s hard to conduct business without political implications (the criticism of companies which have not withdrawn from Russia since it’s invasion of Ukraine is an example of that). Woke extremism, however, can be targeted no matter the political stance, with Unilever threatening to pull its services from online platforms Facebook and Google if they did not remove content which “create[s] division in society and promote anger and hate.” The perspective of this action being either good or bad is of course only determined based upon the watcher’s underlying precepts of the world.

Educational Matters

But woke culture doesn’t just stop in Hollywood, at the workplace, or in everyday life. Terrifyingly deciding that it is much easier to target the malleable minds of the youth to achieve its ends.

In one instance a Republicans’ chapter at Northwestern University was defunded using emergency legislation after inviting conservative author James Lindsay to deliver a speech. In another, Californian parents faced the prospect of jail time for disrupting school board meetings until Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom vetoed a bill introduced by his own party.

Woke extremism in education is deeply concerning. Schools and universities are fundamental in educating young people who may not have an alternative perception of the world around them. If they become indoctrinated by woke culture, they by definition do not question its underlying presuppositions.

Instead, it’s fair to argue that children should be taught different perspectives on difficult matters. Slavery, for example, is no exception. One would hope in the 21st century that views on slavery are unanimously against it, but it’s important to understand why there were conflicting views in the mid-1800s. If society does not learn about different perspectives, it is bound to repeat the mistakes of the past.

Once young people leave education, they are confronted by the world of work. Larger corporations yield larger paychecks, but they are also subjected to greater cultural pressures. The subsequent effects of mass boycotts tell the tale of what can happen when woke extremism seeks to divide.

The same principles for encouraging respectful debate in one’s political circles apply within their professional network. One of woke extremism’s biggest enemies is collaboration and debate. Through promoting a healthy work environment people from a whole host of backgrounds and upbringings can contribute to an extremely well-run corporation. 

Part of the major growth in large-scale corporations, as well as the rise of woke extremism, has been as a result of technological advancement. The easiness of sharing information has been engulfed by the media, which has transitioned from daily news to on-the-minute updates throughout the 21st century.

The Mindset and the Media

Surprisingly, despite its changing methods of delivery, the tenant that drive media prosperity have largely remained the same. The people look at you, the more money you can charge advertisers. For them it has always been about the bottom line, and maybe a little bit about journalistic integrity. News sells particularly well the more it enrages sensible people.

Woke extremism’s intent on controversy plays right into the media’s hands. When news of a woke policy becomes public, scores flock to media outlets to vent or otherwise “engage” with it. If people are engaging with your story, it means it has added to your bottom line. Naturally, this creates division within communities effectively polarizing moderates. Fortunately for the United States, we have the First Amendment so differing outlets can present different viewpoints. The best media outlets are the ones who present both sides of the debate equally and fairly.

Your Importance to the World

Ultimately, we often forget the bigger picture in life. We’re all living our lives on a planet that is billions of years old. It’s up to each individual in our society to change the world for a better place.

If you’re reading this article, it’s likely you live in a place where freedom of speech is permitted. Woke extremism, as part of its assault on individualism, is seeking to change that. It’s not an issue for the left or the right – it’s an issue for everyone. 

It is our duty as a society to protect the very freedoms we often take for granted. For that, we must battle woke extremism, and shine a light on its devious ways. That can only be achieved through respectful, constructive dialogue to create a welcoming discussion sphere which everyone wants to be a part of. 

There’s an old saying: “If you don’t stand up for your beliefs, who else will?” 

It’s a wise phrase to live by. Be yourself, and share your opinions. The more people we have contributing to civic debate, the more we can develop a greater understanding of the world. It can, and most certainly will be challenging, but it’s vital we all contribute. The archenemy of the woke ideology is individualism, and by portraying our own points of view, we can defeat it once and for all.

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