Book Reading Event Featuring Benjamin Netanyahu’s Brother Canceled

A non-governmental organization (NGO) that receives funding from Germany’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has a reputation for enacting cancel culture on Jews.

As a result, a book reading event starring Dr. Iddo Netanyahu, Benjamin Netanyahu’s brother, has been canceled.

Ironically, the satirical book he was meant to read, “Itamar K.,” deals specifically with the issue of limiting free expression.

Berlin was supposed to host the event last week, courtesy of German-Israeli Society (DIG), an association that promotes German/Israeli relations.

A letter was sent to Netanyahu informing him that the event had to be canceled due to purported affiliations with certain groups across the political spectrum. Netanyahu said the cancelation letter said, “We hope you understand.”

Silencing is a central element in his book. Observers who point out that the DIG’s Berlin-Brandenburg chapter, which is supposed to support Israel, has labeled Netanyahu “persona non grata” have brought attention to the absurdity of the cancellation.

The author’s ties to German political far-right parties were cited as the reason for the cancelation, according to the DIG’s website.

According to Netanyahu, the DIG has been swayed by the left and is averse to hearing from some groups.

Netanyahu has made flawless presentations in many German locations. The renowned author has given speeches at many events, including those in Freiburg, Bavaria, Dresden, and Hanover, as well as to the Jewish community in Bamberg.

Dr. Rafael Korenzecher, publisher of the German-Jewish weekly Jewish Review, met with Netanyahu during the author’s recent book tour across Germany. The publication replied with an angry article, accusing DIG president Volker Beck of blocking the reading because the author isn’t left-wing enough. The post claimed that the group was reluctant to host an associate of the prime minister of Israel.

The way Beck has run the group that is supposedly pro-Israel has drawn criticism in the past.

Beck has been the target of persistent criticism from Likud lawmakers, who support Benjamin Netanyahu’s party and see the propagation of anti-Zionist ideas in him. In 2022, this issue was addressed by Amichai Chikli, who is now the Minister for Diaspora Affairs and for combatting antisemitism.

While discussing Beck and the DIG last year, Ariel Kallner, a legislator from the Likud party, said that having friends like these is not helpful at all.

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