Republican Rep. Maria Salazar Pushes Amnesty by Another Name

GOP Representative Maria Salazar of Florida’s 24th Congressional District is pushing a new immigration bill that looks just like another Trojan Horse.

The so-called “Dignity Act of 2023” (the date is not a typo) increases funding for border security and border patrol agents, but at a cost. That cost? Giving 11 million illegal aliens “permanently renewable legal status.” These millions who broke the law will be able work, travel, and do just about everything else legally. Why not reward their criminality even more by just making them citizens?

Daily Caller national correspondent Henry Rogers is skeptical.

Notice something else, too: the framing and naming of the bill. Why is it that even Republicans believe they have to accept the left’s demand to put “marginalized” groups—including illegals—before America’s own interests and citizens? It’s like when alleged conservatives spend 75 percent of their speeches on “of course, we know that anti-black racism is terrible, and must be stopped” rhetoric before they’ll allow themselves to say “boo” about the real widespread and socially accepted racism (bigotry and discrimination against white people).

Some users on Twitter are not at all happy with Salazar’s bill; they’re highlighting what a massive capitulation it is:


The idea of blanket amnesty for people who broke the law and jumped the border isn’t going over too well.

Illinois Democratic Rep. Eric Sorensen really likes the bill, though!

The “only” bipartisan solution is total surrender? User KeepTheFaith has some pretty obvious advice.

But as usual, the narrative has been set, and politicians are obviously (literally) reading from a prepared script with approved phrases. Notice anything familiar in this description of the bill from Michigan’s Hillary Scholten?

Again, it’s the “only” way forward.

Wokespy readers: pretend you live in a country where citizen desires mattered to politicians. What would you want to see in an immigration bill? Tell us in the comments!

12 thoughts on “Republican Rep. Maria Salazar Pushes Amnesty by Another Name”

  1. I migrated here the legal way and paid ~ $12k in government and legal fees to make sure my application went through seamlessly. Are they going to reimburse me for migrated legally, while giving a free kick to those who migrated illegally.

    1. Of course not. They wouldn’t that anymore than they would reimbursement those of us who didn’t have student loans or paid them off without the government’s help.

      However, I would like to thank you for doing it the right way.

  2. I’d like to see an immigration bill where a US Citizen of 18+ years can “donate” their citizenship to a qualifying immigrant who has never illegally crossed the border. Preferably an asylum seeker from a leftist tyrannical state. If the citizen cares so much about immigrants, they should be willing to give up their citizenship for another. Many immigrants love the USA far more than the average leftist. Fair trade.
    Further, we should make it easier for disaffected Americans to emmigrate out of country & renounce their citizenship. 100% tax credit for the prior year if they prove they have been an American for 18+ years, have renounced & are at a qualifying US Consulate (CA/MX excluded). A $20k “thanks for being an American” credit would be available for those in lower tax brackets. If the malcontents & miscreants leave en masse, it will soon be all the easier to elect righteous leaders again.

    1. Joseph Rastelli

      Ok here is what I want in an immigration bill.
      1) Deportation. If you are here illegally you are finger printed and sent back to where you came from.
      2) Criminal Liability. If you illegally cross again you get a mandatory prison sentence. No discretion a minimum sentence. I would make it so long they will be too old to make the trip and try again but, that is wishful thinking.
      3) A wall big, high and long. Barbed wire, motes, crocodiles, anything to keep these people out.
      4) A Border Patrol with teeth. Deadly Force use, etc. Let the illegal crossers know we are not kidding around anymore. Come in the country the right way or your taking your life in your hands.

  3. mazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Purge the disgusting, America hating RINOs and democrats now! They are sick twisted, morally depraved rabid animals in need of being put down!

    1. Hadn’t thought of this approach. At first blush it seems like a very good way to go.
      Keep the foreign workers (of all stripes) and deport the RINO’s. Only weak spot in this approach is finding someplace that will accept the RINO’s. Maybe they would be welcome in . . . . [ ] opportunity to fill in the blank here . . . . .
      waiting, waiting, oh my, the blank is still blank . . . .
      Hey! Is Epstien Island still up for sale? Maybe the USA could deport the RINOs there as ‘squaters’ until somebody came alng who wanted the place and all the free RINOs that would come with it.
      In a wry twist of humor, there is mayhaps a depravity-equivalence present in the approach. Might need IVY League level guidance on this, however.
      Skip the IVY League input . . . this approach of ‘mazzzzz’s’ gets more and more attractive the longer I think about it.

  4. Thomas Hazlewood

    The pretense is that illegal aliens are living “in the shadows”. Really? They’re living in our hotels, gratis, eating the food we’ve provided (and complaining about it), calling long distance on the cell phones we gave them. They’re demonstrating for ‘their rights’ in our streets, attacking, robbing, and raping our people on our streets, attacking our cops on our streets. They’re not in the shadows, they’re in our faces!

  5. The laws on the books being enforced would be a good start. A wall that’s finished would be helpful. People who wait their turn is preferred too. Also, change the law to stop anchor babies.

  6. Solving a problem is not accepting it, saying, “there’s nothing I can do about it”, then pretending it’s solved. The Dignity Act is an indignity to the American People who have emigrated here the right way, like my father and his family who came from Cuba and like Scott who posted above, and the many millions of others who did it legally. The hordes of illegal immigrants are criminals because they broke the law. Clinton/Obama/Biden WANT them here, encouraged them to violate the law and welcomed them here, so they could change the demographics of voting districts via the US Census. This will create new districts, cause redistricting, so Democrats can gerrymander themselves into positions. This also has the largely unrealized and unspoken effect of granting more Electoral College votes to certain states, which gives them more seats in congress and more electoral votes for President.

    Every single illegal person in the US should be deported regardless of anything, any reason at all. This should include the DACA criminals. If they are legitimately interested in joining America, there is a process in place that was legitimately established by elected legislators.

  7. Rep. Salazar is a plant by the RNC, Fox News and others. She was inserted into a town hall with Martha McCallum in Ponte Vedra FL before the 2016 election. She is nothing more than an advocate for illegals wrapped in a supposedly Republican wrapper. We thought she was a liberal when she was inserted into our town hall even arguing with me with “loud voices” about the supposed rights of immigrants. Beware of her she is not what you think.

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