No Arrests At Pro-Hamas Protest Outside White House Despite Evidence Of Felonies

Supporters of the Hamas terrorist organization congregated outside the White House over the weekend – and since then not a single arrest was made despite evidence of felonies. This came fewer than two weeks since Joe Biden tweeted that “no one is above the law.”

In what was yet another demonstration outside the White House, Biden’s most recent visitors were seen to be vandalizing statues in Lafayette Park. Attempts to clear out the rioters by law enforcement resulted in a rush when officers tried to keep the peace, who chanted “F*** the police” as they charged forwards.

Yet not a single arrest was made, even though defacing a federal monument alone is a felony.

It marks a stark contrast with the responses to the defacing of pride flags seen across America over the past few weeks. In St. Petersburg, FL, a manhunt was launched after a driver performed donuts over a rainbow flag in the early hours of the morning. On the other side of the country, three teenagers were arrested after leaving tire marks across a similar mural in Washington state.

Julio Rosas shared footage of the riots on the social media platform X, with users quick to criticize the participants and their actions.

Another noted the difference in response to January 6, 2021, where supporters of Donald Trump were arrested by the hundreds.

Furthermore, a former worker in the neighboring area noted how previous protests had been dealt with more aggressively.

Nevertheless, even though no arrests were made, there were still some praise for law enforcement officers given the abuse thrown towards them by pro-Hamas attendees.

4 thoughts on “No Arrests At Pro-Hamas Protest Outside White House Despite Evidence Of Felonies”

  1. Yet the Jan 6th issue brought about jail time and restitution for damages…..because they were Republicans
    This White House Protest was brought to us by Joe Biden and his Regime and open borders, no charges filed
    and no restutition for damages, extra cost for security, preparation and clean up afterwords….
    Biden should have to pay the bill out of the graft money he’s received.

  2. Equal justice under the law. If they arrest many Jan 6th rioters then these should be arrested as well. No exceptions. Breaking the law should be enforced the same.

    As for if the committee felonies, they should be held accountable, and if the are on a visa, SEND THEM HOME

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