Left-Wing Journo Who Bragged London Is Safe Mugged In Street

A controversial progressive activist and former radio presenter from the United Kingdom was mugged in London this week, following years of claims by the man that the city is safe.

Matthew Stadlen, a political commentator who made a name for himself through his relentless criticism of the Conservative government, announced on Twitter on March 14 that a thief had stolen his cell phone from his hand while riding a moped.  

“Had my phone snatched out of my hand from behind by a man on a motorbike this afternoon. I had the dogs on their leads in one hand and was typing stuff into the phone with the other while stood on the edge of the pavement. If you need me, please send a DM or email,” Stadlen wrote.

Stadlen has a long history of denying London’s rising crime problem.

Only in February, 2024, Stadlen told a London regular that the city, in his experience, is “pretty generally pretty great.”

The exchange followed a sneering post from Stadlen on February 26, mocking those who feel uncomfortable in a city increasingly populated by illegal aliens, plagued by robberies and, and enduring a wave of violent crime – much like the great liberal-run cities of the United States.

“Please be careful if you come to London. You might encounter human beings of different religions, ethnicities and races. Take it slowly. Just at your own pace,” Stadlen wrote.

Most shockingly, though, is how Stadlen once insisted that he would always be safe in London – and that he would never get mugged.

“I live in London. I’ve never been mugged and never will be. I’m very much appreciated,” Stadlen once said.

And, in response to an X user who pointed it out, Stadlen doubled down and insisted he actually wasn’t mugged.

“More of a robbery than a mugging. The guy was on a motorbike, came from behind and nicked it out of my hand. But I’m annoyed with myself for not paying attention,” Stadlen said.

Sure, that definitely isn’t the same thing.  

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