Illegal Immigrant “Immediately Becomes A Republican” After Crossing Border

A Turkish illegal immigrant who paid $10,000 to a cartel to cross the border has said Americans are “right” to be deeply concerned over illegal immigration.

In an interview with Fox News, the migrant said he had seen no security or background checks when crossing the border.

“American people [are] right – completely true,” he told Fox correspondent Bill Melugin in San Diego. “Who comes into this country? They don’t know. Okay, I’m good, but how do [Americans] know if they’re not good.”

“How [about] if they’re killers, psychopaths, or else? No guarantee of that.”

Security of the border has come under deep scrutiny under the Biden administration. In an April 2024 poll, only 20% of Americans believed the U.S. has “control over its borders”.

Questions were asked by social media users as to how the man had $10,000 cash yet was not able to go through the U.S. visa application system.

Others comically noted how his criticism of border security would make him a voter for Donald Trump in November.

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