Robert Reich Isn’t Doing So Well on Social Media 

Ultra-liberal former Labor Secretary Robert Reich has made a name for himself with hysterical declamations on social media about the eternally-looming dictatorship under Donald Trump, the end of the world from climate change, and the other usual leftist catastrophe fantasies. What’s funny is how convinced they are that it’s conservatives who have lost their brains and react only out of hysterical emotion.  
Even when he’s right, he’s wrong. Here’s an example, with Reich states some true (but awesome) things about what’s likely to happen under a second Trump administration.  

“Fully unhinged.” Really, Bob? A majority of Americans don’t, actually, like illegal immigration. They would like to see people who are here illegally kicked out, much like homeowners with squatters would like to see those thieves removed.  

Commentator James Lindsay calls what Reich is doing the Iron Law of Woke Projection. It means that whatever sin or evil someone like that accuses someone else of is actually a reflection of the accuser’s state of mind. It’s Reich, not Trump, who is “fully unhinged.” It’s a great example of “reversal”—black is white, up is down, fat is beautiful, addiction is health.  

But what’s satisfying is seeing household names like Reich encounter the views of real people who don’t live in his rarefied liberal media bubble. Thanks to Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter, normal and sane Americans can be heard once again. Check it out: 

Ouch, Bob.  
Do you have any fully unhinged ideas you’d like to see a Trump administration take on? Tell us in the comments below! 

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  1. President Trump was right about Everything. Bring the good times back and expel the people that came here to collect benefits and are not contributing and won’t learn the language. MAGA2024 and beyond.

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