CNN’s Jake Tapper Shocks Nation By Telling The Truth

It’s amazing what a bit of reality can do when it hits someone smack in the face.

Like almost every other legacy news network, CNN has long abandoned any standards of objectivity in journalism. Since at least 2016 when Donald Trump was elected president, the network has joined MSNBC and most others to act as nakedly partisan shills for the Democratic Party. No lie—the “Russiagate” hoax, the denial over Hunter Biden’s laptop— was too untruthful to tell so long as it helped keep Bad Orange Man out of office.

But now, in a segment some are calling the “the greatest CNN segment in history,” Joe Biden has been such a trainwreck that even Jake Tapper is excoriating him.

What makes it so remarkable? Well, the fact that Tapper tells the candid truth and does not pretend that he cannot see what the rest of us can see: Joe Biden is a very old man in the grip of senile dementia. We’re so used to the press blatantly lying about what we can all see that it’s disorienting to hear so much truth from cable news.

Tapper starts out this way: “In reality, 72 percent of voters say they believe President Biden is too old; that’s according to CNN’s most recent polling. Voters have been saying this for quite a long time. The reality is that the Democratic elites are mostly late to acknowledge these age inability issues compared to the rest of the public.”

You’re late, too, Tapper, but we suppose better late than never. Of course, it’s nigh-on impossible for Tapper not to face the truth as he co-moderated the debate between Trump and Biden in which Biden presented to the world as a shambling reanimated corpse.

Tapper then quotes Biden directly to underscore how badly Biden’s brain has declined. He reads the following words from the President:
“Fact of the matter is how can you assure you’re going to be out on you know your way to go you know work tomorrow age age wasn’t you know the idea that I’m too old.”

Then Tapper says, “Keep in mind, that soundbite is supposed to be reassuring.”

Let’s see what Twitter/X users had to say.

Many are appropriately skeptical about CNN’s turn-about.

We feel pretty sure this post speaks for most Wokespy readers:

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