Utah’s Great Salt Lake Is Apparently Racist

The Great Salt Lake in Utah has been accused of racism as its dust allegedly affects people of color more than White Americans.

So pervasive is racism in the mind of the liberal that even the Earth itself is now racist.

The 800-square mile bed produces dust which is disproportionately harmful to Pacific Islanders and Hispanics, according to a study published in the One Earth journal on June 21. Particularly, the dust blows towards these communities in the winds, thus increasing the level of pollution along the Wasatch Front.

Pacific Islanders are the most affected by the dust which, according to the study, are the only group exposed to pollution levels above U.S. National Ambient Air Quality Standards. Likewise, Hispanic, Black, and Native American residents also highly impacted.

In order to reduce these discrepancies, the report recommends limiting declining lake levels as a lower level reduces the amount of dust produced.

“People here in Utah are concerned about the lake for a variety of reasons — the ski industry, the brine shrimp, the migratory birds, recreation — and this study adds environmental justice and the equity implications of the drying lake to the conversation,” said Sara Grineski, lead author of the study and a professor of sociology and environmental studies at the University of Utah.

Social media users were, at the very least, skeptical over the apparent findings with many seeing the humorous side.

Others noted the need for a stronger local media in Salt Lake.

What’s your view? Is the report just your typical liberal race-baiting? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

3 thoughts on “Utah’s Great Salt Lake Is Apparently Racist”

  1. Let me also report that the Moon is white, therefore racist, and wears redface to shame our Native -American brothers and sisters.

  2. No doubt the study was produced using tax monies granted under a proposal titled “The Affect of Great Salt Lake Dust on Marginalized and Disadvantaged Groups” or some other such nonsense to feed at the public trough.

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