Leftist Ponders Why More Men Aren’t Eunuchs

Today in “you have to see it to believe it,” leftists are wondering why more men aren’t getting themselves castrated.

The official British newspaper of woke, The Guardian, came out with this headline:

Said researcher is Cat Bohannon, who has quite a way with words when she discusses the male anatomy. Bohannon wonders aloud to an audience why men insist on keeping their bodies intact. Bohannon said castration was a “way to make male mammals live longer,” and that castrated men lived longer than their “regularly balled peer.”

Additional research is needed, as we should expect to see men with leftist political beliefs have significantly longer lifespans if this is the case.

There’s no word on whether Bohannon considers her breasts potentially cancerous “death bags.” Probably not, as the title of her book suggests a distinct female chauvinism: Eve: How The Female Body Drove 200 Million Years of Human Evolution.

Watch out boys, here she comes:

Speaking at a festival, Bohannon “wonders” aloud my men insist on “smuggling two little death nuggets” through their whole lives. She’d likely say she was posing a question about why evolution designed the male reproductive system to have a shortening effect on men’s life span. But it beggars belief that Bohannon does not understand that evolution only “cares” about lifespans long enough to complete reproduction. Is anyone else smelling vindictive feminism?

American philosopher Peter Boghossian kicked off a conversation on X/Twitter.

Australian MP Moira Deeming jumped in:

Since we now know that sex is a “social construct” (that’s left-academia-speak for, “some bollocks I just made up”), it’s a reasonable question!

User Szlater notices that mainstream media are uniquely friendly to only one kind of bigotry: the anti-male kind:

Optimistically, it looks like a number of men and women are noticing modern anti-male bias.

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  1. There’s nothing progressive women would rather than for men to surrender their masculinity. There are already too many effeminate men in the country. I suggest that she worship her protectors rather than suggest we become her.

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