Six Years On From Greta’s Doomsday Tweet… Yet Climate Warriors Haven’t Learned Their Lesson

It’s been six years since climate activist and former truant Greta Thunberg warned that we were all going to die by 2023.

Spoiler alert: we didn’t.

Comedian Tim Young kindly reminded us of her doom mongering prediction on X (formerly Twitter), providing a screenshot of her since deleted tweet where she warned our impending mortality if we didn’t stop using fossil fuels.

The comedian’s helpful reminder that we all should have been dead a year ago sparked comparisons to former U.S. presidential candidates.

Others, quite rightly, were just glad that we are all still here.

Furthermore, Greta’s deleted tweet sparked memories of previous extinction predictions by climate change worriers.

Quite often, those who express skepticism over the true impact of fossil fuels on climate change are often labeled as conspiracy theorists. Yet, this is despite data from reputable sources such as the International Energy Agency suggesting that while fossil fuels are significant contributors to global carbon emissions, their share of total emissions is decreasing due to increased use of renewable energy sources.  

Perhaps the tenacity of climate activists is what deters many from heeding their warnings. Fossil fuel activists Just Stop Oil sparked fury in the United Kingdom for their damage to Stonehenge; in previous years, the group has blocked road networks and disrupted sporting events.

Granted, these disruptive acts and doomsayer predictions may garner attention, but not all publicity is beneficial. It’s hard to listen to such activists when their ‘predictions’ are seemingly churned out in a repeated, never-ending cycle.

13 thoughts on “Six Years On From Greta’s Doomsday Tweet… Yet Climate Warriors Haven’t Learned Their Lesson”

  1. That poor, young idiot has been manipulated by her parents and enabled by the climate wackos.

  2. This hype goes back to the 1920’s. The NYT, especially, was warning about all the same things.


    There was never a more ridiculous or incorrect term. Crude oil that’s pumped out of the ground is MADE BY THE EARTH as part of a complex biochemical process. It is a LIMITLESS RESOURCE that is being made constantly. And while we’re at it, why don’t we ban the use of the term “greenhouse gasses” when there is no such thing.

    1. Thank you!!!! I’ve been saying this for years!!!! This is the band-wagon we all need to get on. They want to shout “science” as their reasoning for their delusional money laundering “climate change” schemes. We need to shout from the top of the hills the real science that refutes their theories and educate the world that it is, crude oil, not fossil, and they are gases, not “greenhouse” gases… Science, true science shuts them down every time.

  4. Fubar Western females. Afraid to have babies but not to have them murdered. Afraid of white men. Afraid of doomsdays.

    “I am woman hear me roar!”??? ROTFLMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Helen Reddy was as big as joke as modern snowflakes.

  5. Arnel Pournsmack

    Don’t forget the killer bees!! They’re spreading and will kill us allllllll!!!

  6. this is a religion, not science. As noted, nothing these acolytes of the Church of the Satanic Gases have predicted has come true. NOTHING. Because it is religious, there is nothing you can say or present that will sway them from their holy cause. The pols love it because they can forever dig deeper into our pockets for funding money laundering quangos.

  7. All that has happened since she said that, was that she gotten older. I bet it’s been a while since Biden wanted to sniff her hair.

  8. “Climate change” is another manufactured crisis to launder taxpayer dollars to enrich the donor class and justify stripping “We the People” of our liberties.

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