The U.K. Conservative Party Lost Because They Were Weak on Immigration

Thursday, July 4, marked a historic day for the United Kingdom.

After 14 years and two months of Conservative Party rule, the center-left Labour Party won the country’s general election with a 170-seat majority. For the next five years, the new Prime Minister Keir Starmer has the power to pass legislation along party lines with little-to-no concern over any potential defectors.

An array of factors contributed to the Tories’ annihilation to 121 seats in the House of Commons (down from 365); internal party chaos, voter fatigue, and a divided right-wing vote.

Nevertheless, one key issue for many voters was immigration.

Back in 2016, the country voted to leave the European Union with high immigration levels being a key concern. The thinking, according to Leave voters, was that a more secure border would reduce the number of migrants coming to the densely populated island nation.

Fast forward eight years, and statistics show that 42% of all foreign-born nationals came to the country during Conservative rule – more than any other administration previously. The Tories, who campaigned on a platform to reduce immigration, were left to blame for Britain’s soaring population.

Commenters on X were quick to offer their thoughts as the results were counted.

Of course, the United Kingdom is not the only country hosting elections this year. In November, the U.S. will go to the polls too. With millions of citizens concerned about immigration under Joe Biden’s administration, don’t be surprised if it’s an issue which decides the presidency as well.

2 thoughts on “The U.K. Conservative Party Lost Because They Were Weak on Immigration”

  1. The 100 million votes from London, didn’t hurt either. Legitimate voting is dead.. The USA has a president that was inserted. Hundreds of examples of cheating meant NOTHING to the press. The left is going to get its hot war. The left will RUE it.

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