Idaho Town Bans Crosses in Parade, Residents Disobey

Cast your mind back to the turn of the 21st century and you may remember the rise of a group called the “new atheists.” Led by evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins, this was an ad-hoc group of scientists, philosophers, and regular people who thought religion had crept too far into government. They seemed particularly concerned with the then-current effort to get so-called “intelligent design” (creationism) into school science classes, but their real goal was the complete irradiation of religion from society.

The war is likely to be rekindled in the courts with Louisiana recently passing a law requiring the 10 Commandments to be displayed in classrooms. Meanwhile, Oklahoma’s state schools superintendent has ordered public schools to teach the Bible.

Over the years, the hostility to religion in public life has gone much farther than even Dawkins might have wanted (as evidenced by recent comments from him praising “cultural Christianity” – and citing Christianity as a bulwark against Islam).

Exhibit A: Coeur D’Alene Idaho, of all places, banned crosses from its 2024 Independence Day Parade. No, we can’t figure out how the city government believed it had the power to overturn citizens’ First Amendment rights this way. Nor can we figure out why the government believed people would obey such an egregious diktat.

Happily, people did not obey. This video shows that for all its trouble, Coeur D’Alene city officials had to watch a parade chock full of Christian symbolism.

It was so epic even some of the non-religious approved of it.

A number of Christians have noted that America isn’t just neutral on faith anymore, it’s actively hostile to Christianity.

There’s always one leftist who goes hyperbolic over anything that’s not their personal favorite:

Tired of woke? Remember that if you say no loudly enough, the bullies cave.

9 thoughts on “Idaho Town Bans Crosses in Parade, Residents Disobey”

    1. It isn’t the elected officials as much as it’s the bureaucrats. Civil service rules have rotted governments from local to national.

    2. Typically, the brave soul who issued the edict was nowhere in sight prepared to enforce the BS. Maybe hiding in a basement?

  1. Too many miscreants have oozed over our border from Washington, Oregon and California and are now trying to corrupt our towns and cities with their insanity. CDA is prime example along with the Boise area.

  2. Blame Teachers in Public Schools and the Department of Education for removing Civics from the curriculum. Blame them and Liberals in general for not teaching American History and The Constitution. Blame them all (and ourselves for letting them do this in the first place) for lying about our Rights and promulgating a false interpretation of the “freedom of religion.” The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution, as explained by The Federalist Papers, are firmly grounded on the belief and intent that our country and its unique form of government requires a people who are moral and believe in God. They expressed this as freedom OF religion, not freedom FROM religion. Abraham Lincoln explained this himself spoke often about this. Today’s Liberals and atheists revel in the triumph of removing religion and faith from every aspect of our country, including government. This has done nearly irreparable harm to our culture. Among the other irreconcilable differences dividing our people, this is an intrinsic one and one that we need to take a firm stand on and insist that while they are free to ignore or disbelieve, they are not free to force the rest of us to do so. If they do not like God in Government, they are also free to go live in another country.

  3. I only regret that I couldn’t be there for the parade (in SC) so I could carry a HUGE cross.

    The day Christians give in to the pressure of evil government is the day I pray that God destroys this earth.

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