Extremist British MP Laughs At Fellow MP Being “Surrounded” By Police

Brussels police intervened in a conservative conference attended by Brexit icon Nigel Farage on Tuesday, April 16th, at the request of local Mayor Emir Kir. The conference was ordered shut down by local authorities who erroneously cited “public safety concerns” – despite the event being entirely peaceful, and attended by government ministers and officials from across Europe.

Police reportedly prevented people from entering the venue, only allowing guests to leave if they chose. In the days prior, the conference faced venue changes over repeated attempts by the mayor and other local activists to prevent venues from hosting it. And instead of causing universal outrage – the kind of consensus the Western world might one day have expected – Britain’s Labour Party seemed to think it was funny.

So funny, in fact, that when one Member of Parliament mocked the chilling assault on freedom of speech, other Labour MPs visibly chuckled.

Here’s what happened:

Wes Streeting, a far-left Member of Parliament for Britain’s Labour Party, laughed off the entire debacle on Tuesday. Streeting sarcastically bemoaned the absence of the Right Honourable Member for Fareham, the hugely popular Conservative Member of Parliament Suella Braverman, was unable to attend the House of Commons because she was in Brussels, surrounded by police officers who were attempting to shut down the event.

“And of course, a source lose to the right honourable member for Fareham, who couldn’t be here today with us Mr. Deputy Speaker, because she’s currently in Brussels surrounded by the police, who are trying to shut down the event she’s attending with some far-right fanatics with whom she has much in common. She said that she is not a fan of the bill,” Streeting said.

By the way – this is the same Member of Parliament who was recently forced to eat crow and admit that he was, in part, responsible for the popularization of extreme Trans ideology that has caused irreversible harm to thousands of British children.

Last week, Streeting admitted that he was wrong to claim “trans women are women” in the wake of the release of the Cass review – an independent inquiry that confirmed there was “weak evidence” that puberty suppression helped sufferers of gender dysphoria.

Streeting may have abandoned his extreme views on gender, but will he abandon his extreme position on freedom of speech?

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