Mom With FOUR Transgender Kids Under Fire for Statistical Impossibility

A mom of four came under heavy criticism after she claimed all four of her children were transgender in a viral internet clip.

In a clip posted on social media platform X, the woman said all her children were transgender and “part of the LGBTQ community.”

“I love them, I support them; why would you do anything different as a parent?” she asked in the clip. “If you can’t, as a parent, say you love and support your children and accept them for who they are… give them to somebody else. There’s someone out there who will.”

Even if we were to take a liberal figure of 0.5% of the U.S. population being transgender, the odds of having one transgender child are 1 in 200; the odds of having four, by comparison, are 1 in 1,600,000,000. Purchasing a winning lottery ticket would be far more likely. 

Many social medias users were critical of the woman’s parenting skills given the extraordinarily low chance of having four transgender children.

Others noted the astoundingly high odds of such a scenario, highlighting that her odds of winning the lottery were actually greater.

While four transgender children is a statistical impossibility, one mother with Munchausen by proxy is a statistical likelihood. 

4 thoughts on “Mom With FOUR Transgender Kids Under Fire for Statistical Impossibility”

  1. I wonder if they are all overweight, unstable commies. I’ll put my money on suicide in 3….2…..1….

  2. I think this is called munchausen syndrome. It’s also called child abuse and she should be prosecuted and her kids taken from her and reprogrammed. This behavior is sick and twisted.

  3. These vapid, brain-dead moms are easily influenced by trends. They have zero self-worth apart from being sheep following tic-tok.

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