Liberal Outraged At American Flag Flown On Beach Ahead of July 4

The Star Spangled Banner is a symbol of freedom, liberty, and patriotism for Americans.

Well… most Americans that is.

On Independence Day, a clip of an outraged liberal went viral after he saw our country’s flag at the beach:

“I’m here enjoying a nice day at the beach with my kids,” said the man in the 30-second clip, “and I turn around and they’ve got these flags planted here on the beach”.

As he pointed at the nation’s flag, he referred to those who planted it as “MAGA [Make America Great Again] f****.”

“This is all [across] America. We know you didn’t storm the beaches to stake out your territory on the beach – this isn’t the f****** moon. I get it; this is America. But I’m sick of my flag being represented by white nationalist trash on a goddamn beach,” he added.

Why exactly the disgruntled man opted to make such a bizarre point out of the flags is a mystery. Flying the flag of the United States *shouldn’t* indicate support for a certain party or political ideology but is an expression of patriotism. Of course, there is some truth behind his assumption that Trump supporters were those flying them, because we live in times where you can guess who someone voted for with a high degree of certainty simply based off the fact that they proudly fly the American flag – and they’ll always lean right. Of course, that’s not because of anything the right has done, but rather everything the left has done to distance themselves from the flag and what it symbolizes.

Many on social media were critical of the man in the clip, with one highlighting his perceived ownership of the nation’s flag.

Others noted that if he didn’t like seeing American flags in America, he would be more than entitled to move elsewhere.

One user highlighted how the content creator decided to make a viral point about his grievances, rather than confront those who upset him.

6 thoughts on “Liberal Outraged At American Flag Flown On Beach Ahead of July 4”

  1. Just another leftist scumbag, if you don’t like our flag, our country or MAGA, feel free to pack your sh*t and GTFO!!!

  2. Gregory W Garsteck

    note to self : when going to any beach add American Flag ! along with beach towel and sunscreen !

  3. theoriginalsundevil4life

    Why did this idiot have to be wearing a Suns hat? I love the Phoenix Suns. Pick another NBA team you commie.

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