Liberal Claims Only Black Lives Matter Supporters Have The Right To Tan

Every summer, millions of Americans like to catch some UV rays to bronze up a little bit.

Some choose to sit on a beach and bask in the hot summer sun in a quest for tanned skin. Others choose to visit the tanning salon for a session on the sunbed or a spray in the booth.

There are many reasons why we like to tan. In fact, it’s scientifically proven to make you feel better! This is due to the release of endorphins – the same chemical which is released during exercise – when your body is exposed to UV rays.

As with everything according to left-wing extremists though, sun tanning has now been politicized. And in the “everything is racist” era, you know exactly how this one is going to go.

A liberal vlogger under the account name @allegra.leggie.legs on TikTok said white people must not tan if they are not a supporter of the left-wing Black Lives Matter group or an “ally” as she put it.

“If you’re a white person and you can’t wait to get super tanned, and you can’t say “Black Lives Matter”, she said, “and you’re not an ally, and you can’t stand for your black/brown/indigenous/people of color friends and family, then do everyone a favor – tanning is not for you!”

Yes, you read that right. If you can’t pledge your support for a neo-Marxist organization, then I’m afraid the tanning bed isn’t for you.

Fortunately, common sense prevailed when the video was shared on X by the @libsoftitkok account.

Furthermore, others noted that the nation’s presumptive presidential candidates would also be affected by the new anti-racist tanning proclamation.

7 thoughts on “Liberal Claims Only Black Lives Matter Supporters Have The Right To Tan”

  1. So stupid…Hey, go sit in a mental hospital and report on everything the patients in there say…there really isn’t any difference.

  2. Special life hack: Anyone using TickTock is not to be trusted. Who allowed them to access a computer system with a camera? In the informational world of the www online web, people whom virtue signal online are nothing short of a multi car deadly pile up on the freeway in foggy and icy conditions. I mean learn the basics of camera framing, fixed mounted positions, screen elements, etc, etc. Nobody wants to see a close up of this nature, it’s not healthy for the mind or eyeballs.

    The more pertinent question is why is anyone going to their pages or paying attention to them in the first place? Pages such as this only make the problem worse. As they say; There is no greater objection than absence. Vote with your wallet. Vote with your feet. Vote with your clicks. Logic and reason has just entered the chat. Then left the chat immediately because there was no redeeming content. Respectfully, I think I’m going to hang out somewhere else online, at least for now. Thank you.

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