Cori Bush Campaign Duped By “Chief Rabbi of Gaza” Parody Account

Democratic Socialist House Rep. Cori Bush has been fooled by a parody account claiming to be the “Chief Rabbi of Gaza” – as if such a position could possibly exist in a pseudo-state whose ruling terrorists openly call for Jewish genocide.

The X account under the name Rabbi Linda Goldstein regularly uploads anti-Israel posts to dupe pro-Palestinian progressives. Claiming to “stand with Iran” next to its support for transgender rights, the account features thousands of satire posts including one claim that Hamas built its 300-mile tunnel network to aid social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

More recently, the account connected with the engagement director for Rep. Bush, who is renowned for her pro-Palestinian and anti-American viewpoints.

In screenshots posted on social media and reported by various outlets, “Chief Rabbi Goldstein” asked whether a fundraiser in Gaza would be possible. In response, Ronika Moody – who is also finance director for Rep. Bush – said Cori “is interested in hosting in Gaza” but had “not been successful with that opportunity as of yet.”

When the account – ran by a pro-Israel lawyer named Michael – said the topic of the fundraiser would be regarding a “final solution to the problem of Zionism”, Bush’s campaign failed to respond.

Speaking to the New York Post, the man behind the account labeled Bush an “empty suit antisemite”. He added that the left-wing Democrat was “completely clueless” about the conflict between Israel and Palestine but “eager to speak up because it gives her cover to publicly hate Jews”.

Many on social media saw the humorous side of the account.

Others agreed with the admin’s comments over a lack of knowledge about the conflict.

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