Landmark Supreme Court Decision Quashes Hundreds Of Convictions Against Jan. 6 Demonstrators

The Supreme Court has altered the phrasing of events regarding Jan 6 in a landmark ruling which quashes hundreds of convictions by the Department of Justice (DOJ).

In a 6-3 decision in Fischer v. U.S., the court struck down the charge of “obstruction of an official proceeding” used against hundreds of defendants. As a result, those convictions are now invalid.

The Supreme Court ruled that the DOJ had misapplied 18 U.S.C. § 1512(c)(2) – a law intended to prohibit obstruction of official proceedings by destroying or hiding documents, rather than persecute events like Jan 6.

Furthermore, in a blow to critics of the Supreme Court’s political alignment, Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, a liberal appointed by President Joe Biden, sided with conservatives, while Donald Trump-appointee Justice Amy Coney Barrett voted against the ruling alongside her liberal colleagues.

Without evidence that the defendants had interfered with the delivery of documents to Congress, charges for the “obstruction of an official proceeding” are now quashed. Effectively, the allegations are legally downgraded from “insurrection” to the lesser crime of trespassing.

The ruling has major implications beyond those who have already been prosecuted by the federal government. Allegations of insurrection are now legally invalid, thus ruling out charges against other individuals in cases connected to Jan 6 including former president Donald Trump.

Many others, including a defendant, reacted with delight after the court threw out the “weaponized” DOJ’s convictions.

There were also considerations for those who had been jailed for their role in the day’s events.

3 thoughts on “Landmark Supreme Court Decision Quashes Hundreds Of Convictions Against Jan. 6 Demonstrators”

  1. Through an unfortunate historical choice the Democrat Party was named. They do not believe in Democracy or actively wish to advance our freedoms. Given the Democrats were the party of the Confederacy, Jim Crow and segregation, it’s safe to suggest they never have been for freedom and constitutional government.
    To them, Democracy means their total control of thought, societal norms and our behavioral “permissions” like own a car, fuel, gas heat, travel, and of course incomes are theirs to tax so they can buy more votes to preserve their tyrannic (and clearly weaponized control of) government. Literally they expect us to give them the dollars needed to enslave us.
    When they say “our Democracy is at risk” they mean Democrat control of the government and our societal norms is at risk.

  2. I wonder if Sleepy’s DOJ will file charges of “incitement to trespass” against DJT now? Were this not such a serious issue (weaponizing the DOJ and unlawful imprisonment) I’d have to laugh at this clown show in the White House.

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