“Is This Real?!” – Sign Prioritizing LGBTQ Applicants At Immigration Office Goes Viral

An immigration office in the Philippines has come under fire for prioritizing LGBTQ applicants.

The lane grants priority service to groups you’d expect at the Land Transportation Office in Manila. Senior citizens and pregnant women are prioritized, as are people with disabilities.

However, fourth on the list are LGBTQ folk. Quite how one proves they are entitled to this priority is best left to the joys of ignorance…

The post was viewed more than 127,000 times on social media platform X, with many questioning its validity.

Others considered what identities would be permitted under priority service.

Nevertheless, the question everyone wanted to know was: is it real? Well…

It was.

The sign’s existence first went viral in April 2023. Its presence was part of a “gender and development” initiative, with officials informing Facebook users of “the need to recognize and provide equal opportunities” to people who had been “ostracized” in the past.

“Slowly we have to encourage and foster their confidence,” officials added.

The sign came under heavy criticism including from LGBT groups. Bahaghari (Rainbow) chairperson Reyna Valmores noted the “convenience” of a priority lane but told local media that such lanes “exist to help people with physical and, or mental difficulties in processing transactions”.

“We of course recognize that this may be well-meaning. However, this does not erase the fact that the implication of LTO’s LGBTQ+ priority lane is dangerous. To this day, many people including lawmakers cling to the erroneous notion that being LGBTQ+ is a disorder,” she said at the time.

7 thoughts on ““Is This Real?!” – Sign Prioritizing LGBTQ Applicants At Immigration Office Goes Viral”

  1. It is a disorder. Even the advocates know and are afraid for the truth to be recognized, because then they might again be treated appropriately. Or worse, people will realize they are a danger to kids and remove their access.

  2. Just because the the APA was pressured, by mental deviants, to change it doesn’t mean it’s no longer a disorder.

  3. Quote; cling to the erroneous notion that being LGBTQ+ is a disorder

    Erroneous notion? Half the country skipped, failed, or have such low addled IQ’s that they do not understand basic biology.

    There are only two genders.

    We should go back to don’t ask don’t tell because what we have here is not working, and never will work either.

    What do you call it when literally everyone except you is a ‘protected class person’?

  4. If these Marxist manipulators ever gain complete power, how long do you think it will take for them to line their “good buddies”, the Alphabet Mafia, BLM, and Antifa, in front of ditches and blindfold them? Probably not long… not long at all.

  5. The quote below is from the first page on the US Selective Service System web site (sss.gov).
    “Federal Law requires nearly all male US citizens and male immigrants, 18 through 25, register with Selective Service.”

    Since I identify as a butterfly I guess I’m not required to register. My government at work…

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