Dallas Jail Calls Black Illegal Alien Murder Suspect “White”

If you like Wokespy, you’d like Blaze commentator and writer Auron MacIntyre. He’s pretty dogged on the woke beat, bringing out example after example of once-normal U.S. institutions gone mad.

This one’s a doozy. Some readers will probably think, “that must be a clerical error.” Must it, though? We live in a country where we are expected to believe and say that men can be women, that children can be born in the wrong body, and that it’s loving health care to mutilate the genitals and endocrine systems of minors.

We also live in a country where we are expected to repeat and believe that black Americans have it as bad or worse now as they did under Jim Crow, and before the Civil Rights Act. Companies are brazenly breaking federal anti-discrimination laws by openly restricting jobs to “people of color,” while the government itself privileges black citizens over white ones.

This writer is not so sure the example below can be chalked up to a typo.

We have a picture of a man that nearly anyone would describe as black or Hispanic-black. There isn’t a single adult of ordinary mental competence who would describe this alleged murderer as a white man.

According to the Blaze article, 44-year-old Yunier Aldazabal stabbed his girlfriend to death then fled in a car. He is an illegal alien, although his country of origin is not yet publicly known.

Why is the Dallas County Jail describing him as white? After all, they have many other options in their system.

Let’s see what social media users think. Several say their states are pulling the same fast one.

Maybe 10 years ago you’d be tempted to say Charmane was a “conspiracy theorist”. But now?

Bob isn’t buying it.

We suspect Terri has it right.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Dallas Jail Calls Black Illegal Alien Murder Suspect “White””

    1. Exactly. So if you complain that illegals (or blacks) are committing crimes at disaportionate rates they say “no, those were whites”.

  1. Thomas Hazlewood

    lol… Morobel’s sheet says that his SKIN is White but his eyes are Black and his hair is Black. I guess pretending that he has White eyes and hair was just a bridge too far for them.

  2. They are cooking the crime statistic books. It would look kind of bad for the wokies if say 13% of the population was committing say 70% or so of the violent crime. Rather than address the underlying cultural problems it is easier to just mislabel people in the system and fudge the stats.

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