Ashley Biden Diary Authenticity Confirmed In Letter To Judge

Ashley Biden wrote a letter to the judge presiding over her stolen diary case to confirm its authenticity, sparking trouble for the President.

The 42-year-old daughter of Joe Biden wrote of “probably not appropriate” showers with her father in her diary, which was stolen and sold for profit from her home in Florida.

In April 2024, Aimee Harris was sentenced to one month in prison and three months under house arrest for stealing Biden’s diary which she sold to Project Veritas, a Conservative media outlet.

Prominent (for no reason whatsoever) factchecker Snopes, which previously said the revelations were “unproven”, has since amended its analysis to confirm its authenticity due to Biden’s testimony.

Moreover, some criticized the perceived double standards of the situation, questioning whether the mainstream media would be as silent if the President’s main rival was alleged of similar behavior.

What’s your view on the saga? Let us know in the comments.

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