Are You Now “Far-Right” If You’re a Conservative?

If a week is a long time in politics, then a decade feels like a lifetime.

Sometimes, it’s hard to remember where we were ten years ago. Granted, some things remain ever the same – Russia’s waging a war in Ukraine, and populist parties are taking over across Europe.

Yet, in the U.S., it seems incomparable to where we are now. In 2014, Donald Trump hadn’t even announced his first presidential campaign, and the differences between left and right seemed miniscule compared to today’s divided society.

A post on the social media platform X made light of the deepening divisions across the American political system. It featured a stick figure who was once center left finding himself aligned with conservative values.

Why? Well, the post implied that the left had moved from classic liberalism to downright “woke progressives”, thus shifting the center of the spectrum to the left as a result.

Anecdotally it seems like it’s undeniable that what the meme above is describing is in fact reality – and that’s empirically the case too.

The Economist measured the ideology of Democrat and Republican congressional candidates since 1980 —and while the ideology of the average Republican elected has moved slightly to the right, the ideology of the average Democrat elected has gone at least five times as far to the left.

The Pew Research Center published a study in October 2017 tracking the growing ideological divide in America since the 1990s. And the main finding? That while Republicans have moved a centimeter to the right, Democrats have moved a mile to the left. To dive into the other findings:

  • On several key issues, except for environmental regulations, Democrats moved further to the left than Republicans moved to the right. In most cases, Republicans’ views remained relatively unchanged over the past two decades.
  • Nearly half of Democrats in the 1990s expressed concern over poor people receiving welfare for nothing in return, compared to 18 percent by 2017.
  • Nearly six in ten Democrats in the 1990s agreed that government spending is almost always wasteful and inefficient.
  • Roughly half of Democrats in the 1990s agreed that government regulation of businesses usually does more harm than good.
  • On race issues, over half of Democrats in the 1990s agreed that “blacks who can’t get ahead in this country are mostly responsible for their own condition.” That remained constant until the second half of the Obama presidency, when it plummeted to 28 percent.

But it seems like most people have already taken notice that “far right” increasingly just means “normal a decade ago.”

This is particularly prudent when you consider the negative connotations associated with patriotism these days. Displaying the flag of the United States, chanting “U.S.A” or even just being proud of one’s country is seemingly met with hositility from those who prefer the flags and regimes of Palestine instead.

Granted, it would be unfair to say that ultra-conservatives have not shifted at all, but the difference in movement between them and those who were once considered liberals is quite simply astounding.

10 thoughts on “Are You Now “Far-Right” If You’re a Conservative?”

  1. I’m the guy on the Right watching the poor people in the “Moderate Middle” just getting their asses handed to them by the Marxist Left.
    The time to choose sides is here. Are you on the Right and Love America……or……. on the Left and Hate America? There is no “I’m in the middle”. When C.W. II starts, I’m guessing Late Spring 2025. You don’t want to be “In the Middle”. “In the Middle” get shot at from both directions.

    1. The pendulum of our politics will swing again especially if Trump and America win in 2024!

  2. TheTexasCooke

    “Are You Now “Far-Right” If You’re a Conservative?”

    Actually, I think of it more as “ABSOLUTELY RIGHT”!

  3. Far right, center right. It makes no difference to me. I’m not a democrat or a liberal.

  4. I’ve been saying for years Obama drove the car of State off the road and into the ditch. Biden still controlled by the dear leader jumped the ditch, ran the fence down and is tooling off into the corn field.

    You hit the nail on the head, one side, the left went so extreme they moved the center far to the left. I highly doubt Donald Trump can do anything more than steer straight. There will be a reckoning for the left one day, they get destroyed or the country gets destroyed either way they lose.

  5. “Let us then agree that right is what is truly right for man, above all his freedom.”
    Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn

    We need to thank everybody who calls us far right and make sure what they are talking about are leftist.
    Communism, Fascism and Nazism which the left like to project on the right are Marxist forms of government. Left and right in America is the age old argument of big government control verses freedom. Federalism vs anti-Federal.

  6. Allah's 3rd Nipple

    I would argue that the Republicans have moved left. Democrats have moved so radically left as to put a chasm between the parties, and this is what provides the illusion of Republican rightward progression, but no. Republicans have definitely moved left.

  7. Yes the left favors Marx but the right has drifted from a Conservative Party to a moderate party. Look at your reps Liberty, CPAC, and Heritage score most likely most of you will be disappointed.

  8. I would assert that most people were programmed, indoctrinated, and FORCED to the left by government, schools, and social media / big tech. Like the California ruling on, what was it, gay marriage? The citizens voted against it and one judge overruled the citizenry. The left bemoans the “indoctrination” of Christianity (which is more of a constant sell, rather than indoctrination) while the left goes hardcore into indoctrination with strategies and tactics taken directly from the worst genocidal “leaders” the human race has ever known – Stalin, Mao, & Hitler.

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