A Cool $5 Million-Does Pelosi Know Something We Don’t?

It’s not hard to see why some politicians are calling for a ban on lawmakers trading stocks. The problems of senators and House reps getting filthy rich and generating conflicts of interest have been with us for a long time. But the loot amassed by former California Democrat and former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is raising eyebrows afresh.

According to the widely followed X account “Unusual Whales,” which tracks suspicious trades, Pelosi has made $5 million recently from her stock in the company Nvidia, which is now the most valuable company in the world (albeit with a much higher price to earnings ratio than second and third place, Microsoft and Apple). The company is best-known for its computer graphics cards powering popular high resolution video games, but like all such companies, it’s branching out into Artificial Intelligence (AI).

For reference, this is 20 times her annual salary.

An earlier story from a few weeks ago reported that Pelosi’s husband Paul made stock moves with Nvidia that netted the couple almost $4 million at that point.

What are the odds that their percent returns exceed that of investment legends like Warren Buffet?

It will probably be difficult or impossible to round up enough lawmakers to get a ban on congressional stock trading; too many people are feeding at that trough. Past legislation that claimed to ban the practice have done anything but. Politicians have always sought to enrich themselves above the “plebs” they pretend to serve, but the extremity of Pelosi’s wealth generation has really gotten under the skin of ordinary Americans.

Politicians are able to insulate themselves from much contact with real people, but the feelings of ordinary citizens flow freely on Elon Musk’s X.

Bruce is not alone. Like many others,  “FrankChronicles” believes Pelosi is engaged in insider trading. These are just suspicions and allegations, but they’re widely shared.

Then again, so is skepticism about accusations of insider trading:

But on the other-other hand, Pelosi’s return on investment has some people questioning how it is that a congresswoman seems to be outperforming top investment advisors.

We’re unlikely to find out for sure whether Pelosi or any other politician is getting inside tips because the system is set up to protect corruption for the powerful – but it’s safe to assume that’s exactly what’s happening.

Are you a casual or professional investor? What’s your take on Pelosi’s Nvidia windfall? Let us know in the comments.

13 thoughts on “A Cool $5 Million-Does Pelosi Know Something We Don’t?”

  1. She’s sold nothing but a bill of goods and created nothing but misery. She hasn’t ‘made’ money, she just turned power into money.

    1. She had some savvy investment advice from hillary, who miraculously turned $1k into $100K.

  2. And the amazing thing is that Paul Pelosi made that trade without Nancy telling him that congress was about to award a major purchase contract to NVIDIA. Paul is better than the best stock traders of all time while Nancy scrupulously makes sure he doesn’t know anything about upcoming legislation. The only thing that might be a little strange is that I don’t think he ever makes money on trades that do not involve pending legislation, so maybe somebody should look into that aspect. Maybe Paul and Nancy have been married so long that they are like identical twins who communicate through telepathy.

  3. It depends on WHEN she got in. If she got into NVDA just before Congress passed the legislation to boost US chip producers, then, yes, she should be immediately investigated for insider trading. Asides, there should just be a law that says any Congress member must have all their investments managed in some kind of blind trust where they don’t have control over it. Public service should be a pauper’s existence. If they decide they don’t want to do that anymore and make all the money they want, then they can retire from public service. We need to take away all their incentives to profit from their service, which includes limiting their ability to take jobs as lobbyists or on corporate boards until after 5 years of retirement. Limits like that.

    These people treat their positions as wealth generators. Look at Obamas or the Clintons, their first order of business when leaving the White House was how to parlay that into big money. Have any of them every thanked the American people for their sudden wealth? After all, they would not have gotten rich if not for the American people voting for them. No, they all just think they are entitled to it. Elitist snobs, all of them!

  4. Democrats want to be in charge of everything and wont take responsibility for anything.

  5. No, it’s called insider information that is illegal for you and me but not the “connected elite”.

  6. NEVER, EVER vote for a Dem, progressive, liberal or RINO. Or ANY career pol of ANY party! There are too many names to list.
    Congressional term limits. Twelve years LIFETIME maximum.
    Think Brandon and fifty years of his NO accomplishments. Except taxing SS and imprisoning blacks for drug crimes. (Of course not Hunter’s crimes. He’s white. Nothing to see here.. move along…)
    No trading/purchasing of equities.
    No retirement benefits.
    Afterall, it is “Public Service.”
    Repeal the Seventeenth Amendment.
    Restore States rights.

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