Race-obsessed Sports “Journalist” Upset About Caitlin Clark’s Shoe Deal Because She’s White

There are few sure things in this world. Death. Taxes. And freezing cold takes from sports writer Mike Freeman.

Freeman, self-described “Sports Race and Inequality Editor” for USA Today, thinks that skin color should be a factor in awarding shoe deals for WNBA players.

I’ll save you the trouble of reading his column. Freeman admits that Clark, the WNBA #1 overall draft pick, deserves a shoe deal.

He argues that fellow WNBA star, 2018 #1 overall pick A’ja Wilson also deserves a shoe deal. One that she will likely get but as yet has not signed.

To justify his position, Freeman points out that the only active shoe deals in the WNBA belong to Breanna Stewart, Elena Delle Donne, and Sabrina Ionescu.

“You may notice a pattern there.” No, Mike. The average American is not obsessed with race and therefore does not see a pattern here.

Freeman goes on to detail how from 1995-2011, only black WNBA players had shoe deals, starting with Sheryl Swoops signing with Nike.

The fact that for nearly half of the league’s history, no white woman had a shoe deal seems to be okay with Mr. Freeman. After all, it’s apparently okay to be racist against whites.

Finally, the cherry on the top of this hard-hitting piece of journalism, Freeman calls his readers “fools” if they believe the white women got their shoe deals because of their talent on the court. He believes it is because they are “more marketable” than black players.

Reaction was typical on X. People weren’t having it.

What do you think?

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  1. Ignore the fact that the league itself does not reflect society (liberal woke standard, not mine) as it is dominated by black players, according to Freeman which constitutes roughly 14% of the population.

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