Progressives Complain Anti-Sex Trafficking Bill “Disproportionately Impacts” LGBTQ And People Of Color

Woke activists have opposed a California sex trafficking bill over supposed concerns that it will disproportionately harm “marginalized communities”.

Specifically, activists have criticized the impact on “members of the LGBTQ community who already suffer from systematic biases” within the justice system as well as people of color.

SB1414 is a bill which would make it a felony offense for any adult to pay for sex with an adolescent. The bill has already been watered down by Democrats so that adults who are accused of soliciting with a 16-17-year-old can only be charged with a felony if the victim has been subject to child sex trafficking.

“I believe that adults who attempt to, or actually buy children for sex in the state of California, should go to prison on a felony charge,” Republican state Sen. Shannon Grove told lawmakers when introducing the bill.

Astonishingly, the bill has been slammed by liberal critics, with one speaker before the California State Assembly from the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, claimed the harsher penalties would “disproportionately impact marginalized communities, particularly Black and brown individuals.” She also admitted that LGBTQ people are convicted of sex offenses at higher rates than heterosexuals, though she seemed to be implying the disparity is due to homophobia, and didn’t seem to realize what she had admitted.

Kellie Walters of Legal Services for Prisoners with Children also raised concerns over the effect on LGBTQ individuals who “already suffer from systematic biases within the criminal justice system, particularly when it comes to sexually based offenses.”

Many commenters on social media expressed their shock to the opposition.

Others were critical of efforts by the Democratic Party to water down the bill, with one user alleged that it was atypical of the party.

3 thoughts on “Progressives Complain Anti-Sex Trafficking Bill “Disproportionately Impacts” LGBTQ And People Of Color”

  1. So, can we just split this country in two and separate ourselves from the wicked and perverse democrats. We’ll take the children to save them from the LGBTQETC community as well as Democrats minorities. Republican minorities are probably pretty safe.

    1. I am glad I live in a RED flyover state where this Cali, Left Coast nonsense is minimal.
      What is next? Marry your dog?
      Pink Floyd; “Hey, Teacher, Leave them kids alone.”

  2. Uther Pendragon

    Since they can’t reproduce to fill their ranks, no matter how hard they try to convince everyone that a man can get pregnant, they recruit.
    Who do they recruit?
    Its painfully obvious.


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