Nashville Shoppers Barricade Burglars While Police Dawdle

It’s getting hard not to notice the decline in decent behavior. Drivers are running red lights, children shout expletives on the streets, and store staff are surly and hostile. But it’s more than manners—brazen crime is the order of the day in more and more of America.

We’ve heard about “teen takeovers” where groups of aggressive teenagers smash windows and jump on cars, shutting down streets. A group of teen thugs beat up a couple in Chicago on May 31, causing the pregnant woman to miscarry; at least one of them shouted “we own the streets.”

Worst of all, America still has not shaken off the deranged idea of defunding the police. It’s like campaigning for fire safety by pushing city councils to remove fire hydrants and ban firefighters from carrying hoses.

People will only take so much theft and violence before they start taking matters into their own hands. Prolific Twitter/X user Collin Rugg who owns served up this story out of Nashville, Tennessee.

The video shows a group of ordinary shoppers keeping a posse of burglars trapped inside a Perfumania store after the four tried to make off with hundreds of dollars’ worth of stolen merchandise.

The text on the video tells viewers that the video-taker’s son was shopping when the burglars busted in. A group of adults and at least one child can be seen blocking the front door when the thieves try to exit.

The video claims it took police a half-hour to show up. Well, at least they showed up. In California, they made shoplifting less than $950 an optional misdemeanor (it used to be a felony), and Golden State residents say you’re lucky to get a police response at all.

Collin used the fire emoji and said “love this” about the citizen cops. Plenty of other X users felt the same.

In good times, most people don’t like the idea of vigilante justice, but hard times move people to look for solutions they wouldn’t consider otherwise. User Marc points out that we all pay for theft through higher prices, and folks are sick of paying taxes for police departments that can’t get the job done.

“One Bad Dude” lays down some truth in the thread (if you doubt it, read up on what’s happening to Daniel Penny).

What would you do if you were watching the shoplifting? Jump in with your fellow citizens, or call the cops? Tell us in the comments.

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