“I’m Guessing No One Will Want To Work There” – Democrats Slammed For Cringeworthy Recruitment Ad

Michigan House Democrats are advertising a role for its social media department with a cringeworthy video which suggests why there may be a vacancy in the first place.

The minute-long clip features a parody of The Tipton commercial from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody (a reference I expect 1% of people to actually get).

Give it a watch for yourself – and try not to cringe too much (though to be fair, that’s probably impossible).

Applicants who are creative, have experience in social media or analytics, or “love a great work atmosphere” are encouraged to apply, although little is mentioned as to one’s ability to correctly format a video for X.

Successful applicants will enjoy the privilege of working in a not-very diverse office, and can enjoy exciting tasks such as meetings in oversized rooms and writing on whiteboards.

It’s good news for Doritos lovers too, with drawers stacked to the brim with savory snacks. Flavors, however, are somewhat limited.

In all honestly, the video is a painful watch.

Fortunately, it seemed that many agreed with the cringeworthy nature of the campaign.

Others disliked the video so much that they questioned whether anyone would want to work there…

…while another even thought it was creepy!

Michigan House Democrats are facing an uphill battle in their bids to usurp Republican nominee Donald Trump. The swing state has been in in the hands of the former president since September last year.

Given his apparent opposition, it’s safe to say that Trump would fancy his chances.

7 thoughts on ““I’m Guessing No One Will Want To Work There” – Democrats Slammed For Cringeworthy Recruitment Ad”

  1. VotingDoesn'tMatterAnymore

    This is nothing but the typical product of government; latrine filler as the result of a diet of bran muffins and strong coffee.

  2. What is it about Dems and music theater? All showboating and jazz hands. Why don’t they do the country some good?

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