Eating Their Own: Woke Leftist Calls for Canceling Dylan Mulvaney for Not Supporting Women in Palestine

Leftist infighting is really kicking off lately. Democrats are at each other’s throats over Israel versus Hamas, whether men can be women, and, well, both!

LibsofTikTok found a video with over 10 million views of a very wound-up young woman from the UK who goes by the screename “kimberlyoffline.” She’s is furious at Dylan Mulvaney for failing to live up to proper womanly sisterhood – but not for any reasons anyone on the right would give (as we realize that’s impossible of course).

In addition to making her eyes as dramatic as possible, Kimberly is concerned with the ways in which Mulvaney is failing to “woman” properly. While expressing glee that people are finally trying to cancel Mulvaney, she then complains complaining that “this woman” (referring to Dylan) is like, a TOTAL hypocrite because “she” hasn’t said anything about the poor women in Palestine who have to use “scraps of tent” to deal with their periods. No, I’m not joking—watch for yourself!

For anyone out of the loop, Mulvaney has become famous for coming out as a “transgender woman” and launching an online series called ” 365 Days of Girlhood.” Starting out as an actor on stage, just four years ago Mulvaney was playing a character in the wildly popular Book of Mormon, the satirical musical by the creators of the cartoon South Park. Others may simply know him as the man who single handedly destroyed Bud Light.

Contrary to what this TikToker is saying, Mulvaney actually does donate all his profits from his Cameo videos to Save the Children, a Palestinian charity. Or as those in the sane world would frame it, Mulvaney donating to a nation that would have him killed for his lifestyle.

While Mulvaney has been a darling of the left, the left inevitably always eats their own eventually.

Naughty Ricky!

Based, electrician!

Mike Dodge thinks Kimberly is confused.

User Ovan Elric gets to the part that had us rolling our eyes. Wackadoodle lefties are so committed to their fairy tales that Kimberley can’t bring herself to acknowledge what everyone knows is true:

And there’s an Office meme for everything:

We have to give it to Dylan; he really puts the “shim” back in shimmy.

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