Bill Maher Slams Biden’s Unaffordable Student Debt Forgiveness Plan

Is it possible that even perennial leftist Bill Maher could finally be waking up to the insanity of forgiving hundreds of billions of student loans?

During the most recent episode of Real Time, Maher slammed the high cost of so-called student loan forgiveness; “The Biden administration’s student debt cancelation will cost a combined $870 billion to $1.4 trillion. That’s a lot of debt forgiveness.”

Maher continued, “Colleges constantly raise tuition, then the kids take out more loans, then the government comes by and pays those loans. Okay, so my tax dollars are supporting this Jew hating? I don’t think so.”

As always, the left could use some personal responsibility.

It’s amusing to note how much Biden has banked on the youth vote, and yet none of them seems to care. With Gaza and student loan forgiveness being two of the lowest priority issues, maybe the left will finally stop being the party of college radicals… but I wouldn’t count on it. As we all know, the current generation of politicians is filled with former college radicals, and they’re being supported by the college radicals of today.

And those radicals weren’t thrilled with Maher’s comments:

Maher has become increasingly critical of certain left wing issues in recent years, such as his critical views of the response to COVID, and constant excoriation of woke culture. While this could seem to be just another step down the line to being kicked out of his own party this fall, it sure seems that Maher has no interest in leaving it regardless.

Some people never learn.

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