UCLA Rioter Loses Apple Watch, Complains When They Aren’t Allowed Back on Campus to Retrieve It

Get ready to laugh:

Oh the entitlement. Riot, then complain when you’re banned from returning to retrieve items you lost while rioting. While part of me wants to sit here and trash talk the spoiled kids attending one of the worlds premier universities wasting their shot in life rioting during finals, we all know that reality will be doing that to them shortly so why bother?

Just in case anyone things that mask he’s wearing is going to help, above is a shot of his face that was caught live on Fox. Surely you would this he’s more concerned with his face being plastered all over the news, and a criminal record above replacing a few simple possessions.

You would think people would have learned to follow this tried and tested rule by now.

Sounds like the only good reason to visit LA to me.

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