Heckled Harris: Leftist Banshees Call Veep a Murderer at Kimmel Taping

What would we do without Libs of TikTok? The account run by Chaya Raichik brings to light some of the most disturbing excesses of the modern left: gender ideology for children, violent men in women’s prisons and spaces, racist indoctrination of public school students, and more.

But LoTT also brings a chance for comic relief, like this video taken from the studio audience at a recent recording of Jimmy Kimmel’s late-night show. Hold up—I know you’re already laughing at the mere sight of Vice President Kamala Harris but it gets better!

What we get is more than three minutes of hard-left women shrieking in cracked voices at Harris over “genocide.” The first harpy in the clip screams “15,000 children dead because of you!”

“You’re a murderer!” yells another.

The banshees got even more aggressive when onsite security tried to arrest them for disrupting the broadcast. With the now-familiar cri-du-Karen, the women told the guards they were not, in fact, under arrest, that they didn’t have to show ID, and that they were not to be touched. And then they physically attacked the security guard. To be fair, it’s not clear that security guards had the authority to arrest them, but this type would resist legitimate arrest anyway.

The left’s schism over the Israel-Hamas war was not on this writer’s 2024 bingo card, and it’s ugly. But at least there’s an opportunity for schadenfreude. Social media users are taking opposite sides on the actual issue, but one thing that unites them is the fun of the spectacle.

 Disgraced Republican congressman George Santos who is totally-not-a-drag-queen is feeling it.

User Emergent Perspective reminds us that memes can say so much.

Maybe someone wants to buy this dude a beer for humorous truth-telling.

Jessenia asks a question we’re afraid we can’t answer.

Be sure to watch the video all the way through to watch the crowd of roly-poly rainbow-haired leftists screeching “from the river to the sea” outside the studio building.

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