Death Penalty For Child Rapists Sparks Fury Among Transgender Activists

A Tennessee bill to allow the death penalty for child rapists has been criticized by LGBTQ+ activists.

Republican Gov. Bill Lee approved the legislation in May without issuing a statement which is set to go into effect on July 1, 2024. It follows a similar move by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis last year.

Under the new Tennessee law, state prosecutors can pursue the death penalty when an adult is convicted of aggravated rape against a child. Other punishments include life imprisonment without parole, or imprisonment for life.

After signing the bill, Gov. Lee told reporters that such crimes are “some of the most heinous that there are”.

Following the wider publication of the bill’s existence, some LGBTQ+ activists amazingly took to social media platform X to vent their dismay.

One social media user who claimed the law was “cool in theory but bad in practice” due to the unevidenced targeting of racial minorities and gay people later locked their account after coming under heavy fire from those astounded at their comments.

Nevertheless, “@stinkypissbitch” was not alone in their bizarre take.

Fortunately, most users saw sense in the legislation, noting that it would indeed affect LGBTQ+ people who committed heinous crimes as much as it would heterosexuals.

…while another presented a graph highlighting the statistics of why some demographics may be more impacted than others.

What’s your view? Should all states follow suit, or has Tennessee Gov. Lee been too extreme in passing the bill? Let us know in the comments below.

9 thoughts on “Death Penalty For Child Rapists Sparks Fury Among Transgender Activists”

  1. The degenerate satanic alphabet creeps want your children for sex.
    NEVER forget that.
    Doubt it?
    They oppose this bill! They are pedophiles. Every last one of them.

  2. Filthy sexual perverts, complaining about harsh penalties for those doing perverted things to kids. Methinks they doth protest too much. Gee, I wonder why???

  3. There is an easy way for anybody, regardless of sexual preference or identity, to avoid the death penalty for raping kids.

  4. It’s just astounding that anything that is meant to protect the most innocent of our society is now constantly met with fury by one segment of the DFL or another. As a former Truman/Kennedy democrat, I can say without reservation that the dims have lost their moral compass. It is now pointing straight down. As a Kennedy Democrat I am entitled to say the new DFL is pure EVIL (with CAPSs, as opposed to ‘evil’ of our lessor sins). They have become the party of ‘behead the Jews’, abort any child you cannot groom and molest, support the nuclear ambitions of the Christian nations avowed enemies, oppress and intimidate the working class to remind them they now work for the deep-state, and finance any and all of the deep-states hidden agendas. They are treasonous, seditious, power lusting, pedos on steroids. The only glimmer of good news is; they have showed their hand. Which at the poker table, means they believe they hold the winning cards….and they are daring us, sneering at us, spitting in derision at us, to show a better hand. Boy, are they in for a world of hurt!

    1. I’m sorry to have to inform you, NORGEX, but this is what the Democrat party has ALWAYS been. It is good that you finally see that, but up to now you’ve been blinded by the rhetoric, the revisionist history, and the lies. During the American Revolution, the people who would become that Early Democrat Party supported reconciliation with King George and later were opposed to revolution. The Democrat Party in 1860, ran a slavery ticket against the Republican Party’s abolitionist ticket headed by Abraham Lincoln. Once the shooting started, the Democrats created the Copperheads, much like the BLM and Antifa today, who attempted to seduce Union soliders to turn their weapons on their officers during battle. The Democrats were against civil rights for both blacks and women and voted against them in Congress for ages (you can check the Congressional Record of Voting if you doubt). When they could not prevent the Republicans from passing the legislation to give women sufferage and blacks full rights of citizenry, that is when the Democrats disingenuously started marching with those groups. Since then, they created a new plantation called minimum wage, quotas, and affirmative action, to keep blacks (and the rest of us) locked in the cities and enslaved to wages. The lies of the Democrats are legendary and frighteningly impressive. Still, it’s nice to have you in the fold at last.

  5. It’s always interesting when LGBT+ activists point at pedophile priests but always gloss over the fact these predators are overwhelmingly homosexual men attacking little boys.

    Practicing homosexuals have no business in the priesthood, church leadership, or any position of authority, especially over children. This is not only Biblical, but common sense. The church must stop covering for them and evict them from those positions. That solves the majority of the problem.

  6. Robert Anthony

    1/3rd of adult homosexual men admit that they, as children, were introduced to homosexual perversions by an adult homosexual man when they were children. I suspect that self-reported 1/3rd figure is much lower than the actual incidence of adult homosexuals having been groomed and sexually abused by adult homosexual men during their childhoods. So the alphabet soup of sexual deviants who democrats want us to believe are normal have all actually strayed very far away from traditional concepts of acceptable moral behavior. It is no wonder that they are now up-in-arms over the prospect that some of their number might be executed for the most horrendous of their crimes against children. The truth is that there is no clear distinction between mainline adult homosexuality and homosexual pedophilia. The only thing keeping most adult homosexual men from sexually abusing little boys is the fear of the legal consequences. So, to decrease the probability of children being sexually abused by adult homosexual men, and others in the alphabet soup of sexual deviancy, increasing the severity of the legal consequences for their crimes against children is the most logical approach to safeguarding children. So are these more sever legal consequences targeting the LGBTQ+++ community? You bet they are, and rightly so.

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